Commercial Officer Christian Winther (1754-1798) gets on behalf of a group of people royal privilege ...
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Christian Winther Obel (1800-1860), son of Frederik Chr. Obel, buys the factory ...
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The factory in Aalborg introduces steam power as the first tobacco factory in the country ...
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Christian Winther Obel (2nd generation) dies. The tobacco factory is taken over by his son ...
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Frederik Christian Obel (2nd generation) dies, allowing Frederik Christian Obel (3rd generation) to take ...
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The old tobacco factory on Klosterjordet in Aalborg is ravaged several times by fire ...
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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary this colour lithograph is send as greeting to all business connections ...
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The old factory in Aalborg is again ravaged by fire. The fabrication, however, is more or less untouched ...
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C.W. Obel’s Tobacco Factory is now one of the largest tobacco factories in Europe ...
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C.W. Obel’s Tobacco Factory commences manufacturing cigarettes and gets a whole new clientele ...
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The oldest photo of the royal family’s visits in and around Aalborg ...
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In connection with the 125th anniversary C.W. Obel’s Tobacco Factory opens a shop on Strøget in Copenhagen ...
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Christian Winther Obel (4th generation) dies and his widow, Asta Obel (1872-1968), takes over from her husband ...
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Advertisements are very important in marketing C.W. Obel’s Tobacco Factory’s products ...
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The property Vestergade 2 is bought in Copenhagen ...
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In connection with C.W. Obel's Tobacco Company’s 150th anniversary on 26th June 1937 ...
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World War 2 is a difficult period for the tobacco industry due to lack of supplies of raw tobacco ...
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C.W. Obel A/S employs the highest number of employees, at its peak ...
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The Formation of the Obel Family Foundation on the initiative of Asta Obel ...
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Establishment of Scandinavian Tobacco Company A/S ...
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For the first time, to ensure development of the company, new board members outside the family are appointed ...
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The decade is marked by further acquisitions of companies, but also sales and settlement ...
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On this occasion of C.W. Obel A/S's 200th anniversary the Obel Jubilee College of Aalborg opens ...
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British-American Tobacco Company Ltd. ceases as shareholder of Skandinavisk Holding A/S ...
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In 2001 C.W. Obel A/S is delisted from the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and is again owned 100% of the Obel Family Foundation ...
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Scandinavian Tobacco Company sells its cigarette, certain roll-your-own and snuff activities ...
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C.W. Obel Ejendomme A/S establishes together with the Lundbeck Foundation the property company Obel-LFI Ejendomme A/S ...
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On 10th February 2016, Scandinavian Tobacco Group is listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen...
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C.W. Obel A/S has surrendered its archives to Aalborg City Archives and Scandinavian Tobacco Group; and many images are borrowed from here. Some images, photographs and advertisements are still in the possession of C.W. Obel A/S, the family or the Obel Family Foundation.

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